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Costumes of Nashua LLC

Quality, Value, Service, Integrity

Costume Sales & Rentals for Adults, Children, Plus Size.

Sales of Costume Accessories including Wigs, Hats, Makeup,

Boas & much more for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Purim,

Theme Party, Theme Wedding & All Occasion.


Click links (left) for costume styles.


How to Order:


We prefer you to complete an online order form or print out an order form & fax it to us. See links below.


Please note: Minimum order for shipping below.

Some exceptions made for previous customers.




Please click below for online order form.

Online Order Form for Costume/Accessory Purchase or Rental.


Minimum order for shipping purchases is $25.

Minimum order for shipping rentals is $45.




Please click to print and fax a

Costume/Accessory Purchase Order Form.


Minimum order for shipping purchases is $25.




Please click to print and fax a

Costume Rental Order Form.


Minimum order for shipping rentals is $45.


At this point, we are still doing things the old fashioned way.  Yes, we actually talk to our customers.  Most of our customers call us with their questions and then complete the on-line order form or print a blank order from and then fax it to us (see above links). However, you may also mail in your order. 

We do this for several reasons:

  1. With personal contact, we have a much better chance of understanding your event, needs, requirements, and deadlines.  This allows us to discuss potential options or substitutions.

  2. We built the web site ourselves and know much more about costuming than web site design. We are a costume company using the internet vs an internet company that also sells costumes.

  3. We are still spending most of our time adding web site content.

  4. Please note, personal service is very limited during the show season & Halloween season.

  5. Please see links at top of page for order forms.


Rental Cancelation Policy:


Once you reserve a rental costume, it is taken out of inventory and set aside for you on your date of use. If the date of your event changes and the costume is available for your new date, we will try to accommodate you. A nominal fee may be applied. If your event is canceled or you decide you no longer need the costume, you are still responsible for the full rental fee.



Return Policy:


Our preference, is to do things correctly the first time.  So, we are happy to answer any questions you may have in order to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.


Our return policy for in store purchases:  


Please make your selections carefully.


No Returns No Exchanges No Exceptions


However, for website purchases we understand that you can not touch, feel or try on the item. 


Our return policy for web site purchases: 


Please make your selections carefully. If you are not positive you want the item, please, do not place an order with us.


  1. You must have a copy of your invoice. Please call for a return authorization number (RA). Returns with out a RA number will not be processed.

  2. Product must be returned in the original package, in new, unworn condition.  Incomplete returns (missing parts or damaged) can not be returned. 

  3. Refund will be made less a 25%-40% Restocking Fee & the cost of shipping & handling.

  4. Refund will be allowed on returns postmarked up to 14 days from the date the order was shipped.

  5. Shrink wrapped or blister carded products must be unopened and in original packaging.

  6. No Returns or exchanges on orders placed between September 15th  and  November 3rd. All orders placed between these dates are considered to be sold as ALL SALES FINAL.

  7. Orders placed after November 1st will be subject to our year round return policy.

  8. Customers ordering items in multiple sizes will also be charged a 25%-40% Restocking Fee.

  9. Product that has been worn may not be returned for any reason.

  10. All Returns Are Subject to a 25%-40% Restocking Fee.  Shipping is Non-Refundable.

  11. Returns received that do not meet all of the criteria above will be discarded. 

  12. Footwear is not returnable.

  13. The mimimum restocking fee is $25.


  • Please check that your item is returnable. Items that are not returnable include:

Boots & Shoes

Costume Accessories


Feather Products




Inflatable Costumes


(Parasols are very delicate & require gentle use.)

 Teeth, Fangs & Pacifiers
Tights, Fishnets, Thigh Highs
Venetian/Mardi Gras Masks
Wigs, Beards, Mustaches, Sideburns
Christmas Costumes (Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elves, etc)

Holiday Specific Costumes (i.e. July 4, Thanksgiving, Easter Bunny)


There are NO Returns or Exchanges on special orders, custom orders or orders
containing over 6 pieces of an item.


If a Customer returns item/s and the refund is denied based on the above criteria, we will NOT automatically call and/or return the item to you. Items that are denied a refund are held for 30 days and only returned if the customer authorizes us to charge their credit card for the applicable return shipping fees.

Items will NOT be eligible for a refund if:

  1. Item was refused upon delivery.

  2. An incorrect address was provided by the customer.

  3. Items are not received on time because the wrong shipping method was chosen by the customer.

  4. Item is marked "Clearance" or "Sale" on the website. Clearance or sale items cannot be returned and are sold as-is. No Exceptions.

  5. An order is delayed due to an inclement weather system or any other uncontrollable incident that causes substantial disruptions to the courier's service.

Incorrect Addresses and Return to Sender:
Packages that are shipped with an incorrect address provided by the customer during the order process are subject to an additional $12 charge if the address must be changed by the carrier in order for the package to be deliverable.

Orders ‘Returned to Sender’ by the carrier are subject to an additional $12 charge. This includes but is not limited to: orders in which the customer provided an incomplete or incorrect address, the customer is not available for delivery, the customer fails to provide a P.O. Box or physical address, or the order is refused by the customer.



Exchange for Size:

To exchange your item for a different size, please send

the product back in the original packaging, along

with a copy of your invoice.  Also, the same policies apply for exchanges as apply for returns (see above).


  • Please call us to be sure that we do carry the size requested.  Size exchange is not available for costumes that are “one-size”.

  • Please check that your item is exchangeable.  Non returnable items are not available for exchange.

  • Size exchange applies only when items with the same item number and color are exchanged.  Any attempts at exchanging color or style will then be treated as an unauthorized return and credit will not be issued.

  • Size exchanges must be postmarked within 14 days of order ship date.



Defective or Damaged Items:


Every item is thoroughly inspected before it is shipped to the customer. However, Costumes of Nashua LLC will repair or replace at our discretion any item that is received in defective or damaged condition.

Damages caused by UPS must be marked as “damaged” by the UPS Driver and must be reported by the customer to Costumes of Nashua LLC immediately.  We will then contact UPS in order to rectify the situation appropriately.


Per Master Card/Visa instructions, we may require you to provide an impartial merchant confirmation that the  merchandise you claim is damaged/defective is in fact broken or not as described AND that it is not in new or in working condition.



In Store Try on Policy:


Retail Costumes:


In order to limit the cost of service in terms of time and energy, (and keep prices at current levels), please limit yourself to 3 costumes to try on. To help you choose the proper size, we are happy to measure the costume and compare it to your measurements.  If you are unsure of your measurements, we are happy to take them for you or provide a tape measure for your use.


You may try on additional costumes for a fee of $5 each.  This is payable in advance and may be applied to your costume purchase.


Between September 1st & November 1st 

 Due to many factors, including "Halloween insanity", a nonrefundable deposit of $10 is required before any retail (packaged) costume may be tried on.  This deposit may be applied toward your purchase.


Please ask for assistance and do not open packages.  We are happy to open them for you.


Failure to respect this policy will result in you being asked to leave the store.



Rental Costumes:


In order to limit the cost of service in terms of time and energy, (and keep prices at current levels), please limit yourself to 3 costumes to try on. To help you choose the proper size, we are happy to measure the costume and compare it to your measurements.  If you are unsure of your measurements, we are happy to take them for you or provide a tape measure for your use.


You may try on additional costumes for a fee of $5 each.  This is payable in advance and up to $10 of the fee may be applied to your costume rental.


It is your responsibility to put the costume back on the hanger after you try it on.  Please keep all the pieces together including the attached inventory tag.  We are happy to put the costume back into the store for you.


We are happy to provide assistance and guide you thru the costume warehouse.  Customers (especially children) are not allowed to roam freely throughout the store.


Failure to respect this policy will result in you being asked to leave the store.



International Orders


Please Call 00+1-603-882-5640 or E-Mail for Shipping Cost.


USPS seems to be the most reasonable for international shipments. USPS International Priority is typically 6-10

days & $40-$55. USPS International Express is typically

3-6 days & $55-$75. Of course, rates will vary depending on destination, weight & box size.  Time in transit may vary due to customs processing.  Import taxes & duties are your responsibility & added by your local authorities according to your local regulations.


Minimum International order $50. International orders

of less then $50 will be subject to an additional handling fee of $20.


Due to shipping costs and potential delays with customs, we are not able to do international costume rental.

Some exceptions may apply to Canada.


For more information on shipping to Australia - click here:

USPS Australia


For more information on shipping to Canada - click here:

USPS Canada 


For more information on shipping to France - click here:

USPS France


For more information on shipping to Germany - click here:

USPS Germany


For more info on shipping to Great Britain &

Northern Ireland
(Includes England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sark, and the Isle of Man)

United Kingdom - click here:

USPS Great Britain & Northern Ireland


For more info on shipping to Ireland click here:

USPS Ireland


For more information on shipping to Japan - click here:

USPS Japan


For more information on shipping to Switzerland - click here:

USPS Switzerland


For more information on exchange rates - click here:

Currency Converter




Please note: The vast majority of the pictures on our

web site come directly from the manufacture. Sometimes the best likeness we are provided with does not exactly match the reality of how each costume is manufactured.


We do our best to accurately depict the products we sell, but sometimes the pictures we receive represent past models,  versions, fabrics or slight variations. These changes, no matter how slight, are beyond our control. The manufacturer does not always notify us of these variations. We do reflect any changes in the website descriptions & images as soon as we become aware of them.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Thank you for your understanding with this issue.




We treasure your business & make every effort to make your experience with us enjoyable.

 Our goal is to be the best, not the biggest.

Your support has made our progress possible.

With gratitude, we strive to serve you even better.




Please note:


PayPal payment is prefered for first time orders over $500 & all Internationaal orders.


Minimum International Order $50.


Minimum Order for Purchase Orders is $100. (for schools & government)


From 10/15 -10/24 the minimum for shipping new domestic orders is increased to $40.


From 10/25 - 10/31 the minimum for shipping new domestic or international orders is increased to $75.


If you want us to ship something with next day or 2 day delivery during the insanely busy week of Halloween, be prepared for $50 to $100 in S&H. Also, if we ship your item per your instructions and UPS, USPS or Fed X gets delayed so you do not receive your item on time/as scheduled, you are still responsible for payment. In other words, don't blame us if you wait till the last minute and the unexpected/unplanned for happens.



We Ship Purchases Worldwide &

Rentals Nationwide.


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